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This site is about Spa and Hot Tub, care, maintenance, and repair. in the Oklahoma City Area. A-Pro Services has qualified, knowledgeable, helpful repair and service technicians who are happy to serve you, and we appreciate your business.   Our goal is to help spa and hot tub owners learn the basics of  care, and to have an enjoyable, safe, and relaxing ownership experience.  When you do need spa or hot tub repairs, we hope you will choose A-Pro!

 There are  many types of spa and hot tub equipment, so the information here may be a little generalized, but we'll give you a good starting point. We have other sites, which are linked here, about swimming pools, liners, covers, repairs, and much more, but here,  we will just focus on the basics of everyday spa care, repair and maintenance.


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Cleaning  - The Basics of Spa and Hot Tub  Service, Care and Cleaning

Just as with other household appliances, spas and hot tubs need a little service from time to time.  Modern Spas and hot tubs are easy to maintain, but those things which need to be done, need to be done.  Keeping the "perfect massage" at your disposal 24/7 requires a little maintenance, and the   most important thing in caring for any spa is water chemistry. Water Chemistry is discussed above, so this section will deal with routine care and cleaning.

Periodically, the spa should be drained, completely cleaned, and filled with fresh water.  How often this needs to be done depends largely upon usage. Most manufacturers recommend this be done routinely every 3-6 months, but some people may only need to drain and clean the spa once per year. 


Cleaning the Surface

The correct way to clean the surface depends on the type of surface.  Generally, if a spa has a wooden or simulated wood cabinet, the interior is acrylic.  Acrylic interior surfaces may be smooth and shiny, or somewhat textured and less glossy.  Textured surfaces normally need only be wiped with a damp cloth, whereas the shiny, "marble look" spa surfaces need to be waxed.   We recommend that you wipe the waterline and above the waterline weekly with a soft cloth,  and clean the entire interior when draining and refilling.  Never use abrasives or harsh cleaners on the surface of the spa.                        

Chemistry - The Basics of Swimming Pool Chemistry

Just like the first time driving a car -  especially if it was a stick shift, swimming pool care and water chemistry can seem a bit confusing, at first, but with a little practice, and a firm grip of the concept, pretty soon, it just becomes second nature. 

There are 4 major components to Swimming pool water care:  Sanitation, Corrosiveness, Cleanliness, and  Clarity.  Only if the pool water is in proper chemical balance, can the the filtration system efectively take care of the other two.  While there a lot of possible complications to swimming pool chemistry, the average homeowner just needs to know the basics - the rest can be learned on a "need to know" basis.  We'll cover those basics of pool chemistry here, and A-Pro Services  will be happy to help with all the rest.







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