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Spa and Hot Tub Service - How Spas Work

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This site is about Spa and Hot Tub, care, maintenance, and repair. in the Oklahoma City Area. A-Pro Services has qualified, knowledgeable, helpful repair and service technicians who are happy to serve you, and we appreciate your business.   Our goal is to help spa and hot tub owners learn the basics of  care, and to have an enjoyable, safe, and relaxing ownership experience.  When you do need spa or hot tub repairs, we hope you will choose A-Pro!

This page, HowDoesMySpaWork

is a recap and continuation from the SpaRepairOKC.com 's home page.

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It's important to know, not only what to use, but how much.




How It Works - Basic Spa Operation, Terminology and Mechanics

In the simplest description, spa and hot tub equipment, like pool equipment, consists of  one or more pumps, filters, and a heater.  There may also be a blower, lights, ozone, and other features, that are usually controlled by a spa pack, which monitors the temperature and can turn pumps on automatically.  Portable spas are spas which can be moved as a complete unit, with the equipment intact. Built-in spas are not easily movable, and often have plumbing, valves, and control wires or hoses which connect to equipment that is remote from the spa.  For safety reasons, obviously,  the bather must not come in contact with the electricity used to run the pumps and other spa equipment, so there is usually some type of interface to allow operation of the spa conveniently.  These spa side controls, often referred to as topsides, may be pneumatic, that is , operated by air buttons which activate an isolation switch to turn pumps on or off.  Most modern spas use circuit boards, which are simple computers, to control the spa functions.  Keypads allow the bather to control the temperature, lights, pumps, blower, and other features without getting out of the spa.

Water is moved by the pump, from the skimmer and other suction fittings, through the filter and heater, and returned through the jets. Many modern spas use skim filters, to make it easier to clean the filters. If the spa has an ozone unit, the ozone is inducted along this route.  Air is inducted to make the jets more aggressive, and the bather is able to control the amount of air and water coming from the jets.  Whether for therapeutic use, or recreation, the more versatile the spa, the more controls there are, and better are the chances of that "perfect massage".  Marquis spa quiet mode

How It Works - Basic Spa Operation, Terminology and Mechanics (Continued)

Modern spas and hot tubs are sophisticated appliances, with precise controls and safety features.  All spas are required to be protected by Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) so that there is no chance of electrical shock.  Most spas have a maximum working temperature of 104 degrees.  After 15-20 minutes on high speed, most modern spas turn off, to let the bather decide whether to continue.  This is so that people do not accidentally stay too long, and raise their body temperature higher than is healthy for them, or become so relaxed that they fall asleep.

Most modern spas have groups of jets designated to target specific muscle groups when a person sits in a particular seat, in a particular way.  Some jets are very simple, while others may rotate, vibrate, or pulsate.  In addition to being able to adjust the amount of air inducted into groups of jets, (for example, all of the jets in on seat), many jets can be individually adjusted by turning the faceplate.  There may be many sizes and types of jets in a spa:  Small, vibrating jets for the palms and wrists, therapy jets for the back and limbs, large jets for deep tissue massage, and whirlpool jets.  Neck and shoulder jets are sometimes used, and often they are above water level, pointing down.  There is almost always a way to turn these jets off, because they can be noisy.  Some spas use sheer decent waterfalls as a soothing neck and shoulder massage. Some spas offer a hand held jet that can be moved around to target the user's specific needs.

In addition to a wide variety of jets, many spas also have an air blower,  which forces air through small holes or injectors.  The air bubbles rising to the surface give a gentle massage, and make the bather more buoyant. Air injectors are often strategically located specifically to enhance targeted areas, just as jets are.  Some spas offer aromatherapy through the  air injectors, as well, to further enhance relaxation.  For more of the basics of spas and hot tubs, read on.  For more other subjects, please use the links below and under "topics".

Other Spa and Hot Tub Features

Lights have become another common, if not standard, feature in modern spas.  While interior spa lights were once either on or off, they have now become another aspect of relaxation. Spa lights can be dimmed, or the color changed with the push of a button.   Fiberoptic and LED lights  are available which can change color and intensity, either automatically or at the user's discretion. Some even have strobe effects.

Stereos and televisions have become common, often built into the spa, with strategically located speakers for the best overall sound, and designed to negate the drone of the spa operation.  They are available with remote control, and sometimes the can use the same remote control used to operate the spa. 

All of the features in the modern spa  are designed very carefully and purposefully.  A modern spa can be used to stimulate four of the five senses - touch, smell, sight, and sound.  Managed use of the control of these four senses help the user to escape the pressures of daily life, gain relaxation, and once relaxed, the benefits of  massage therapy are much more effective.  I suppose the ideal combination would be to have gentle massage surrounded by soft blue light, with blueberry scented aromatherapy, listening to Fats Domino's Blueberry Hill, and. what else -  eating blueberries, perhaps?  While that seems silly, aromas and colors are effective mood setters, and all for the benefit of relieving stress.

Most spas and hot tubs, with proper care and maintenance, offer many years of trouble free relaxation and enjoyment.  Properly caring for your spa extends its practical life, and can save dramatically on repairs.   

[ More about care and Cleaning ]

Spa Options and Accessories

Ozone - is an effective sanitizer for quick kills, but has no residual killing power.  Ozone generators are very effective in closed systems and are almost a standard feature in modern spas.  They are also used in many public water supplies.  Because of the short lifespan of ozone before it reverts back to oxygen, it is recommended that other, more stable sanitizers be used along with ozone. Having an ozone generator on a spa does not make it "chemical free".  Since concentrated ozone is not healthy to breathe, the ozone generator is turned off when the user turns on the jets.  The water may be perfectly sterilized, but all sanitation is lost within minutes of entering the spa and turning on the jets.  Because of this, other forms of sanitation, like bromine, are used in small amounts to maintain healthy water.  Ozone generators also do not override the need to maintain the corrosive balance of the water, either.  Total Alkalinity and pH must also be monitored and adjusted as needed.

Spa Covers - A good spa cover is well insulated, and helps to hold heat in the spa. The most common spa covers are made of foam inserts, enclosed in plastic, covered by a vinyl jacket.  They fold in half, and have insulation pads along the gap.  The inserts are  usually zipped into the vinyl jacket so that they can be periodically be removed for cleaning, or replacement if needed.  The outer jacket should be kept clean, and treated periodically  with a  vinyl  treatment to keep the material and stitching supple.  When used out doors, the cover should be sloped from the center seam to the edges, so that water does not stand on the cover.   The spa cover should have a skirt  that comes down the side of the spa, beyond the drip edge of the spa.  The cover should snugly fit the perimeter of the spa cabinet, and have attachments to hold it in place.  A good spa cover should allow very little heat to escape.

Cover Lifters - Not only can a cover lifter extend the life of the spa cover, it also allows more spontaneous use of the spa, and enables a single user to remove the cover easily.  One of the most common types of cover lifters is a tubular rectangle, which has one bar across the cover center divider.  The other side of the rectangle is attached by mounting blocks to the deck or to the bottom of the spa cabinet.  To operate the cover lifter, the user folds the cover over the bar, then lifts the bar. The cover lifter assist in lifting, and holds the cover vertically alongside the spa while the spa is in use.  When it is time to cover the spa, the cover lifter guides the cover back into position.  If the cover lifter is properly adjusted, it will put the cover back exactly where it was, so no further alignment is needed.  The user simply flips the other half of the cover over, and attaches the cover latches.

Cabinetry - Spa Cabinets may be made of wood, plastics, acrylics,

(To be continued)






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