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Spa and Hot Tub Service and Repair in the OKC area

   This site is about Spa and Hot Tub repair, service, and maintenance. in the Oklahoma City Area. A-Pro Services has qualified, knowledgeable, helpful repair and service technicians who are happy to serve you, and we appreciate your business.   We serve the greater Oklahoma city area, including Bethany, Del City, Edmond, El Reno, Midwest City, Moore, Mustang and Yukon. Our goal is to help spa and hot tub owners learn the basics of  care, and to have an enjoyable, safe, and relaxing Spa ownership experience.   There are  many types of spa and hot tub equipment, so the information here may be a little generalized, but we'll give you a good starting point. We have other sites, which are linked here, about swimming pools, liners, covers, repairs, and much more, but here,  we will just focus on the basics of everyday spa care, repair and maintenance.  When you do need spa or hot tub repairs, we invite  you to choose A-Pro!

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The Basics of Spas and Hot Tubs Repair and Service

Choosing a Spa Repair Company

The need to repair your spa usually comes unexpectedly, and often seemingly at the worst time, so it's easy to hurriedly  hire the first repair company who answers the phone. But it only takes a few minutes on the web to check out any business, and it can be well worth the time.  You should take the time to check the BBB rating (click logo above for ours), and feedback on local directories.  Ad size and page placement  can be bought, but what is important is what real customers say.          

Things You Should Know before calling a Spa Repairman

Brand, Type, and Nature of the Problem.  These are the first things a spa service technician will want to know.  If your spa is doing nothing at all, have you checked the circuit breaker and other resets?  If you have a digital display, are there any unusual readings or flashing indicators?   Does the spa make any noise?  Sometimes, you  may choose to  say "I don't know" to all of the above, but if it is a simple problem, your spa service technician may be able to solve it for you without a service call.  If a service call is needed, having specific information helps the technician and you.  Having the right parts on the truck means a one trip repair, and everyone wins!  An A-Pro Services truck has a large inventory of parts onboard - spa pumps, spa motors, circuit boards, switches, sensors, topside controls - The right tools, and a knowledgeable professional spa repair technician.  We want to make spa and hot tub repairs in the Oklahoma City area in one trip, But even our trucks can't carry everything all the time!   Knowing these things will help.

How It Works - Basic Spa Operation, Terminology and Mechanics

In the simplest description, spa and hot tub equipment, like pool equipment, consists of  one or more pumps, filters, and a heater.  There may also be a blower, lights, ozone, and other features, that are usually controlled by a spa pack, which monitors the temperature and can turn pumps and other features on automatically.  Portable spas are spas which can be moved as a complete unit, with the equipment intact. Built-in spas are not easily movable, and often have plumbing, valves, and control wires or hoses which connect to equipment that is remote from the spa.  For safety reasons, obviously,  the bather must not come in contact with the electricity used to run the pumps and other spa equipment, so there is usually some type of interface to allow operation of the spa conveniently.  These spa side controls, often referred to as topsides, may be pneumatic, that is , operated by air buttons which activate an isolation switch to turn pumps on or off.  However, most modern spas use circuit boards, or computers, to control the spa functions.   Keypads allow the bather to control the temperature, lights, pumps, blower, and other features without leaving the spa. There is no high voltage in the topside control.

Water is moved by the pump, from the skimmer and other suction fittings, through the filter and heater, and returned through the jets. Many modern spas use skim filters, to make it easier to clean the filters. If the spa has an ozone unit, the ozone is inducted along this route.  Air is inducted to make the jets more aggressive, and the bather is able to control the amount of air and water coming from the jets.  Whether for therapeutic use, or recreation, the more versatile the spa, the more controls there are, and better are the chances of that "perfect massage".

      [ More:  HowDoesMySpaWork ]

Spa and Hot Tub Equipment - Pumps, Filters, Circulation and Accessories

There are four basic components to pool care and service, from a homeowner standpoint.  Mechanical - how does your spa work?  Chemistry - is the water in balance and properly sanitized?  Cleanliness - how do you keep the spa clean?  Safety - the most important thing of all!  These things, all working together, make for a relaxing, enjoyable ownership experience.  Ignored, any one of them can cause a disaster! The circulation system for swimming pools and spas can be compared to  the circulation system of the human body.  It is critical to the existence of the spa. Without it, you'd just be sitting in a cold, smelly tub of water!  The pump, the heart of the system, moves water from the pool skimmers, main drain, and other intakes, through pipes.  The water is filtered. heated, and returned to the spa through the jets and other returns.  To accomplish this seemingly simple task, a lot of things have to happen. 


Controllers, pumps, filters, heaters,  and plumbing all work together to give relaxing therapy and recreation.  Other features, like lights, aromatherapy, ozone, and sound systems enhance the spa user's experience.  Spa manufacturers and designers have put a great deal of thought and engineering into how these components work together, to satisfy a wide array of users.  Pumps are sized according to energy consumption, and gallons per minute of water flow  delivery.  Plumbing and jets are chosen and designed to maximize the use of the available water flow.  For more detailed information about individual components, use this link:

     [ Components ]

Chemistry - The Basics of Spa and Hot Tub Chemistry

Just like the first time driving a car -  especially if it was a stick shift, spa and hot tub care and water chemistry can seem a bit confusing, at first, but with a little practice, and a firm grip of the concept, pretty soon, it just becomes second nature. 

There are 4 major components to spa water care:  Sanitation, Corrosiveness, Cleanliness, and  Clarity.  Only if the spa water is in proper chemical balance, and properly sanitized, can the the filtration system effectively take care of the other two.  While there a lot of possible complications to spa chemistry, the average homeowner just needs to know the basics - the rest can be learned on a "need to know" basis.  We'll cover those basics of spa chemistry here, and A-Pro Services  will be happy to help with all the rest.


Chlorine and other Halogens - Still the most widely used, and, when used properly, the most  over all cost efficient, chlorine and bromine have been used as effective sanitizers in spas and hot tubs ever since the need for water sanitation was understood. A properly sanitized spa should not have a strong chemical odor,  nor should it burn the eyes.  Spa water chemistry is very similar to pool chemistry, with some notable considerations. First there is the water temperature.  Since spas are usually much warmer than pools, chemical imbalances are more critical, and more noticeable.  There is also a higher ratio of bodies per gallon of water in a spa, so chemicals tend to fluctuate more quickly.  Also, spa jets are used more closely to the body, and can penetrate the outer layers of skin.

      [ More about Spa WaterChemistry ]

Cleaning  - The Basics of Spa and Hot Tub  Service, Care and Cleaning

Just as with other household appliances, spas and hot tubs need a little service from time to time.  Modern Spas and hot tubs are easy to maintain, but those things which need to be done, need to be done.  Keeping the "perfect massage" at your disposal 24/7 requires a little maintenance, and the   most important thing in caring for any spa is water chemistry. Water Chemistry is discussed above, so this section will deal with routine care and cleaning.

Periodically, the spa should be drained, completely cleaned, and filled with fresh water.  How often this needs to be done depends largely upon usage. Most manufacturers recommend this be done routinely every 3-6 months, but some people may only need to drain and clean the spa once per year. 


Cleaning the Surface

The correct way to clean the surface depends on the type of surface.  Generally, if a spa has a wooden or simulated wood cabinet, the interior is acrylic.  Acrylic interior surfaces may be smooth and shiny, or somewhat textured and less glossy.  Textured surfaces normally need only be wiped with a damp cloth, whereas the shiny, "marble look" spa surfaces need to be waxed.

      [ More about Care and Cleaning Cleaning ]






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